Planning Your Citys Easter Show Day Out

Planning Your Citys Easter Show Day Out

Posted 2014-04-05 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Sydney Royal Easter Show Facebook Page. Play your cards right to keep a smile on her face. Read on to find out more.

Going to your cities Easter Show can be an emotionally draining time, as well as physically, mentally, and most obviously financially. With some prior planning, every one can still enjoy a day out without any false expectations and/or nasty surprises at Easter. It is all about taking advantage of that grey matter. Coming into such busy annual events with a positive attitude and an open mind makes a world of difference. Come to your cities Easter Show prepared as follows...

1. Planning

Like that saying goes in business, and in the personal development arena: "you do not plan to fail, you only fail to plan," and that "prior planning prevents poor performance." The Easter Show does not have to be a stressful event for anyone. Plan ahead, and you will be home and hosed for a wonderful day out, where family and friends increase their bonds and connect together. Elements from what to do; what to bring; and from what to wear, as well as making suitable travel arrangements will ensure that families and friends arrive to such Easter festivities fresh and excited for what lies ahead, as opposed to arriving in a pool of thick conflict.

2. Budgeting

That's right, a day out at the Easter Show for anyone is not cheap. It might be a good idea to create/open up a mini high interest savings account for the Easter Show. The trick is to deposit a certain amount of income each week, until the ultimate savings goal is reached. You will need to know your limits to remain financially and emotionally stable on this big day out. Here's how it needs to be done:

  • Based on a set budget - how many rides and show bags are you and/or your child/children allowed?

  • Once you've ascertained the above (if you have children) is to talk and educate them on the importance of sticking to a set budget. Be organised with an Easter Show guide or similar, and work with them to help them select what ride/s they want to go on, and/or what show bags they want. It is your responsibility to assure them of the importance of sticking to their decisions.

  • Buy water bottles from the supermarket (cheaper than buying at the show) and bring them along. Have packed healthy lunches available, and allow a bit in the kitty for at least 1-2 treats. Trust me, when they see a fairy floss vendor, they'll want some. That way if they do, your emotions are stabilised. No need for angry parents quibbling over money on a fun, family day out in Easter.

  • Set the date.

  • Another suggestion, maybe get your child/children involved in some housework to earn some pocket money to spend on their treats at the show. This instills discipline in them, as well as the value of rewards for hard work and effort. They'll usually be more selective and decisive on their treats.

    3. The Big Day

  • Allow for any unexpected travel delays, especially during peak times. You don't want to get frustrated. The latter would spoil your positive energy for a great day out.

  • Stick to your budget, and allow it to be spread. Some Easter Shows charge less for entry after 5pm.

  • Attend some free events such as animal shows and pet some pets. The latter make awesome companionship.

  • Remember, your time at the Easter Show does not need to be stressful. Have a happy Easter guys.


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