Personal Growth by Slowing it Down

Personal Growth by Slowing it Down

Posted 2014-06-06 by Justine lovittfollow
Excited by my first Zumba class tomorrow - first lesson in self-growth? Not to overdo it

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When you’re not feeling well physically, how do you cope psychologically? Do you listen to your body and take care of its needs? Do you at least accommodate the way you feel in your physical self so that your emotional health does not suffer?

I realise in many instances it is difficult to tend to the body’s physical needs when there are other “demands”. However, it is interesting, that different people view a ‘demand’ in different ways. Some press on, because our boss may be that inflexible with ‘sick days’, or what constitutes being sick, that we feel obliged to go to work even though we are feeling sick. I know that at university, a lot of illnesses are accommodated, but they must definitely be validated by some sort of medical professional. I guess this is fair enough in the sense that it would be unfair to give some students extra time when they can do the assignment or whatever task needs doing.

However, there are also those who press on with ‘demands’ to a degree greater than necessary, pushing themselves through extra work when they don’t feel well, or whatever it is that constitutes ‘what must be done’. This could be housework, being the ‘perfect parent’, or pushing oneself exercising.

It could be that they simply have not listened to the urges of the physical self that they really need to slow down, and that their body is giving them messages.

I think one of the psychological causes of pushing oneself physically is having ‘a harsh inner critic’ – a voice that says that if we listen to ourselves when we are not well, or even ‘a little under par’, that we are being lazy, indulgent, or that others push themselves through it, so they better too, or they will fall under the same umbrella.

Much of the foundation of the ‘harsh inner critic’ could be from perfectionistic, critical parents, albeit unwittingly, where good was ‘never good enough’. Perhaps it even came from a sports coach at school who preached ‘no pain, no gain'.

There is another theory that we have certain Personality Types. One of these is ‘type C’ and more likely to be competitive and to push themselves to their own detriment. Interestingly, these types are more likely to have a heart attack. Is it nurture or nature? An inner critic?

When I don’t feel well, I am one of those people who feel uncomfortable resting, and taking it easy. However, in interest of personal development, I am going to try something new - I am going to try to slow down instead of speed up. This is going to be my approach to “listening to Jussie”.

I have my first Zumba class tomorrow and I am terribly excited. However, I am going to go easy. That actually can be harder than pushing yourself…it is for me anyway, and will be the first sign of personal development for me.


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