Persistence Key To Success

Persistence Key To Success

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Keep working proactively - and success will be unavoidable

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You know success is all about having persistence. I was recently described as being like “a little terrier” who won’t let go – this was from a good friend, and she meant it as a compliment…I’ve also been called stubborn. It depends upon how you channel your persistence…it can be your greatest asset.
We at self-avenue are all passionate about writing – I mean, that’s why we do it, right? We are all like kindred spirits in that way. As the words flow from us in written form, we feel at our happiest, we feel at peace in ourselves. We are the lucky ones.

However, we also know that freelance writing is a bit of a struggle as far as making an income goes.
However, the success that comes with writing is exponential in quality. It’s kind of like putting a little money in a saver’s account, and, if you deposit the required amount in and don’t withdraw, you are given interest. Over a # #small amount## of time, the interest might not seem worth it. However, over time, we know that interest compounds, and income accrues exponentially.

It’s the same with accruing a number of articles. With a few articles, we have a few readers. However, the greater the number of articles, the more likely it is that not only will that article be read, but also other articles, if they like our style. Also, it just gives the readers a greater choice of article to read.

And, we, as fellow Self-Avenuers, can help each other. We not only glean enjoyment by reading other talented writers’ work, who are just brimming with wonderful ideas about life-improvement and self-improvement and making others’ lives better, most importantly others’ lives. We also gain money from reading each other’s work.

So guys, persistence is the key…and I enjoy reading your works!! They have certainly helped me.
Together, think of how the sum of our ideas has already helped countless people?!
We all know how expensive the self-help books are out there. We have got a good thing going for us on this web-site, and it’s going to get better!


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