Peace Tranquility

Peace Tranquility

Posted 2014-01-04 by Sarah Psihogiosfollow
Give me peace and tranquility any day of the week

In life, we only have selective moments where we feel completely connected with ourselves. Consistent noise from pedestrians; honks from cars and demands from others make my ears bleed, while the bright lights blind me - making my eyes tiresome and drowsy. There's not a lot of time and space where I can put my feet up and not answer to anyone's requests.

I took some time today to go swimming, and run some laps to remain fit. Alone, not a single sound echoed in my ears as I paddled under water. As I swam, I saw the sunshine glisten over the water leaving small trails of sunlight. The pool was still and crystal clear. I could see the previous bubbles blow and rise to the surface. It may have not have been The Great Wall of China or anything that breath taking, but that silence was more than I could ever ask for a time like this.


  • Take some time out. Stop and smell the roses.

  • Engage in some activities that make you feel good, and at peace with yourself.

  • Exercise can be a great outlet for tranquility.

  • If people are not hearing you out, take some time out.

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