Opinions are Like Skin and Bone

Posted 2014-08-07 by Artfollow
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Long time ago, when I was in my crowded MBA classes, there was one session with an industry leader who gave us a case study to analyse and come up with business solutions. A typical MBA turmoil. While we were all at it, our discussion group got to a point where two guys wouldn't agree and the situation became quite hostile.

There came another friend, got in between them and said, "Guys let it go, opinions are like skin and bone and everyone has them " and tried sorting it out. Needless to say these arguments within the study environment surface every now and then, ever since that day this statement has stuck to my memory and mind. I tell this to others, I tell this to myself and most importantly I tell this when someone is phenomenally rude.

It is sad that sometimes these opinions outline or structure people's lives. Personal decisions are made, careers are chosen and sometimes even life partners chosen based on others' opinion.They have become careers out of making someone an expert only because of their ability to give opinions. All said, is it really that dramatic with opinions or are we trying to validate our success, our confusions and illusions and use others opinion as a tool for solution. Or is it a weapon we seek when we need assistance or in doubt.

Opinions are powerful tools. They are like the famous saying about men "You cannot live with them nor live without them". If only we use these opinions to give 'constructive' feedback and non judgemental outlook and unbiased advice, people would fear it less and understood the real power behind it. You can seek them for a perspective but not validation. You can seek them for knowledge and not self doubt. You can seek them to help you get above the water and not sink in it.

Opinions are good friends, a look at the mirror and honest. Sometimes rude, sometimes brutal and sometimes uncalled for. But the onus is on us to traffic light it as red ( stop),green (accept) and amber (consider) for our wellbeing. Be opinionated but only in the way that fuels positivity and not pressure.


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