Oh to be a kid again

Oh to be a kid again

Posted 2013-12-21 by Rhi Rhi Tfollow

We all have our favourite childhood characters. Characters who we loved watching on TV or on video; we even had stuffed toys, pictures and figurines. My favourite was and still is Eeyore from Winnie the Poo: I still have my soft toys and I'm a sucker for anything to do with the character so much so that my sister brought me an Eeyore onesie for my birthday.

We seem to hold on to our childhood toys, even when we are “too” old for them. Most parents say that they kept hold of their old toys to pass down to their children so that they have something sentimental to hold on to and possibly pass on to their own children in the future.

Or is it something else? Do we hold on to our childhood toys so that we can remember what it was like to be a kid? Or is it that we keep hold of our soft toys because we want to believe that a part of us is still connected to that childlike personality and we can revert back whenever we want.

Girls have Barbie dolls and boys have Action-Men, well at least they did when I was growing up. We have plastic toy cars, board games, books all of which we have no problem letting go of when we feel that we have out grown them, but why is it that we cant seem to let go of our stuffed toys?

Even though many wont admit it many adults still find comfort in their stuffed toys. Many will still cuddle their toys when they feel vulnerable, hold them when we feel joy and even sleep with them when we find ourselves in bed alone. Mine still live on my bed; but unfortunately I have my boyfriend to cuddle at night, so my Eeyore ends up on the floor every night but will always return in the morning when the bed gets made. And I'm not afraid to admit that when my boyfriend goes away for the night, I still cuddle Eeyore.

Then again it may not always be a stuffed toy. Many people keep various things from their childhoods for many different reasons. It may not always be for comfort, or to remember childhood memories. But the truth is we all have something that we hold on to for sentimental reasons. Or even if we haven’t we will/have/do encourage our children to keep items from their childhoods so that they too can have something to look back on when they become parents themselves.


There is nothing silly about keeping hold of childhood memories, you kept that item/toy for a reason, embrace that reason every so often.

Cherish your childhood memories; for too many of us the time went too quickly for it to mean anything but it is something we all wish we could get back.

To be a kid again would be a miracle, but we need to embrace our inner child in order to be fully-rounded adults.

To act silly again and have the innocence of a child again would give us a new outlook on life and would be refreshing from our structured and stressful lives as adults.


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