Off Duty Activities

Off Duty Activities

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Yesterday morning I went to the local Farmers' Market. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed wandering around looking at the various stalls. A scarecrow caught my eye and I photographed him. When I looked through my photos on my computer and saw him again I started to think about ways people spend their time when they are off duty.

According to The Free Dictionary 'off duty' means 'not engaged in or responsible for assigned work'. Individuals will have different ideas of what activities can be considered 'off duty' pursuits.

One person may consider renovating their home as an off duty activity while another person may not agree. I have a friend who is learning to fly a plane in her time off. She is doing this simply because she wants to be able to fly a plane, not with future employment in mind.

Everyone has a different amount of time when they consider themselves off duty. Some people are so busy they may feel they have no time off duty.

It is important to have some time off in order to achieve a balance in life. Enough time to simply relax or do things that bring you joy or make you feel fulfilled is essential for your mental health.

Things people may do when they are off duty include:
  • spending time with family and friends
  • attending a writing group
  • creating some form of art
  • playing sport
  • skydiving, bungee jumping, parachuting
  • reading
  • watching television/DVDs
  • enjoying the internet
  • playing video games or online games
  • gardening
  • photography
  • exploring or travelling
  • bird watching
  • listening to music
  • playing music
  • cooking (for the fun of it)
  • walking
  • walking the dog or playing with him/her
  • op shopping
  • going to markets, garage sales or antique shops
  • knitting, doing crochet
  • sewing
  • doing patchwork, quilting
  • making mosaics
  • pottery or ceramics
  • colouring in
  • sitting and watching the world go by
  • scrap booking
  • journalling
  • creating things from junk
  • making scarecrows

  • There is an endless list of things people can do as leisure pursuits. These activities are not a waste of time but very important to achieve a work/life balance. They recharge your batteries so you are able to put more energy into your 'on duty' activities whether that be something you are paid to do or looking after the home and family.


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