Nothing to Prove

Nothing to Prove

Posted 2013-11-28 by Mina Keenanfollow

When son was a teenager, another teen asked him what his mother did.

Studies. Going for a degree.

Oh she can't do that. Too expensive, too specialised. You must be confused. She probably's going for a certificate or something for beginners.

He came home from work annoyed.

Mum, you're too laid back. Tell them what you do.
Ok, I'll put a big sign on the gate.

He pulled a face.

None of their business.
They think you're dumb.
As long as you lot don't, that's all I need.

Was chuffed (still am) and thanked him for sticking up for me. Told him it wasn't necessary to defend me, much too busy getting on with it to worry what people thought. That was so minor - I could find bigger things to worry about if I tried.

A man now, with a family - I see him applying the same principle. Must've listened.

Lessons from this story

  • Distraction is not helpful.
  • Cannot please everyone.
  • Just worry about what you're doing.
  • Only people who matter to you get a say.

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