Not Enough Or Too Much

Not Enough Or Too Much

Posted 2015-08-31 by Marie Vonowfollow
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We have probably all come up against problems which revolve around not having enough of something. Perhaps it is not enough space, time or money. I have found that sometimes the real problem for me is not that I don’t have enough of what I am thinking about but that I have too much of something else.

Not Enough Space
I never seem to have enough storage for my clothes that need to be hung up. You see, I only have one wardrobe. However, in my previous house I had two wardrobes and still didn’t have enough hanging space. Perhaps my real problem is, I hate to suggest this, perhaps the problem is too many clothes.

Yes, I do part with some from time to time. I really do. I also read articles about capsule wardrobes and all the things you can do with just a few mix and match pieces.

I know I am not the only person who loves clothes. I live in an area with a great range of thrift shops where I can buy clothes cheaply. The money goes to various charities and helps the community. There are also shops that sell brand new items at very reasonable prices especially towards the end of the season.

This article isn’t about solving the problem of having too many clothes. It isn’t about curbing the temptation to buy more clothes than one needs. It’s just about looking at a problem from a different perspective.

Not Enough Time
Like many other people I never have enough time to do everything I think I have to.

Do I really need to do everything on my ‘to do’ list? Do I really need to do everything on my ‘to do’ list? It may look like I have written exactly the same question twice but the emphasis is different in each sentence.

There are plenty of things I tell myself need to be done that aren’t essential. The world will not end if they aren’t done. When I stopped ironing clothes did the world stop spinning?

Sometimes time would be saved by dropping my standard. I have already dropped my standard of housework so I can’t save any more time there.

Wait a minute, I can save time there if I got someone else to do certain tasks. It could be I don’t need to do the task myself. I could delegate some chores. Sometimes I could ask for help and save time by doing the task with someone else. Company may even make the task fun.

It seems sometimes my problem isn't not having enough time. Rather, it's putting too many things on my list and doing too much myself instead of enlisting help.

ImageMarie Vonow

Not Enough Money
Money can definitely be in short supply. One has to pay to keep a roof over one’s head. Bills have to be paid. One needs to buy food. Transport, insurance, car repairs, registration and health expenses all cost money. The list goes on. Unexpected expenses cause additional stress.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself going to purchase things I don’t need to buy. I may already own one. If it’s vases or coffee mugs I already own quite a few. Here the problem is wanting more than I need.

At times a problem can be redefined as too much of something rather than not having enough of what you thought was in short supply. It just means looking at the perceived problem from a different perspective.


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