Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Posted 2013-12-09 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Just trust the universe. Just trust, you must.

All voids will be filled. Out with the old and in with the new. As above, so below. This is law.

Below are some of the top ways that the universe abhors a vacuum:

1. Through some perceived loss

You might have lost a job, and/or a precious relationship as of late. Remember, in life there is no gain without a loss, and no loss without a gain. This is the law of duality. There are two sides to every equation in bringing us back to being centered. That loss amounts to a gain somewhere else in your life.

For example, you might have set yourself a lofty goal and your job (previously) may have gotten in the way of you accomplishing this task. With the redundancy comes an opportunity for a fresh start. That chance to take those big, brave steps and venture out on your own. That payout could serve as capital towards your new venture.

With relationships, it is interesting to observe that the moment we break up with our partners, we fill that void by re-connecting to and spending more time with our friends for example.

2. Getting rid of the old to make way for the new

If you desire a new sofa for your home, you'll need to give away or sell - somehow get rid of your current sofa in some way, shape or form for your new sofa to arrive. Same with your clothes if you would like a fresh new wardrobe. Do not worry about the money. Create the vacuum first. This is all done on the back of a decision.

If, for example you've given some clothes away to your sister, and you have thoughts along the lines of "If sis did not have this dress, I would be wearing it today" - well then chances are you have not created that vacuum in letting go of the old in order to make room for the new to enter into your life. Really let those clothes go, and feel love for your sister (in these circumstances) in order for your new, desired good to manifest into your life.

3. Payment plans

Buying an expensive item on lay-by, or some other form of instalment payment plan sets a vacuum in motion. On the back of faith, you may not afford what you want right now; yet you'll be surprised that God/the universe will intervene and give you the abundance to fill this vacuum that you have created. For every demand, there is always a supply on the back of faith. Go for what you want (the decision), and then the money will come in creating that much needed vacuum for your personal development and/or life enjoyment.



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