Nail Therapy aka Pampering and Company

Nail Therapy aka Pampering and Company

Posted 2015-04-19 by Mina Keenanfollow

It is a long time since I did anything of a girly nature but the other day was an unexpected joy. Prior to this I had mentioned that I thought I would like to try some blue nail polish to my cousin. Something like an electric, metallic blue.

A message on my phone and there was a pic of a bottle. I texted back that I liked it and minutes later she arrived with the blue polish, some base coat and top coat.

Out came the nail polish remover, cotton balls, emery boards and buffers, cups of tea and coffee. The weather was rotten but warm and we settled in the lounge with cupcakes and banana bread we'd made the day before.

We sat and chattered, painted and buffed, drank tea and coffee and ate, preened and admired.

It was a lovely time that felt so special - a shared sense of pampering ourselves, doing something that made us feel good and connecting with the (on my part) long neglected feminine side.

So, for a great pick me up - grab a girlfriend, some nail polish, some eats and get pampered while bonding and feeding your feminine side.


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