My Michelle Bridges 12WBT Journey Week 8

My Michelle Bridges 12WBT Journey Week 8

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I'll try to keep it short and sweet this week. I've lost another 0.6kgs. I'm really happy with this result as after losing 2.6kgs last week, I wasn't expecting this week to be massive. This also marks my first weight loss goal of hitting double digits!

So, overall, I have now lost 10.5kgs in just 8 weeks (14.5kgs since the beginning of the year). It hasn't been easy, but having a 'Just Freaking Do It' (JFDI) attitude and drowning out the negative thoughts in my mind with huffing and puffing of exercise seems to be doing the trick.

A strong mindset in relation to food is also a must - I continue to remind myself how hard I will need to work to burn the calories of 'that chocolate bar' for example and I am finding more and more that I am making the choice to forgo the calories. Each time I do this, I feel stronger and more empowered.

A strong mind will help to fuel a strong body Image source

I also participated in the Mother's Day Classic on Sunday and ran 3 quarters of the way. I finished 3.64kms in 26 minutes and 55 seconds. I surprised myself with my level of fitness, first running the 1st km and then challenging myself to run the 2nd as well. It's so rewarding to see my fitness improving just by giving myself 45 minutes to an hour each day to focus on my training. I figure, if I can set this routine now with a 9.5 month old and an almost 4 year old, I can do it anytime.

This week will see me complete the 'mini-milestone', but I'll tell you more about that next week. Until then, sending you a strong mind to get that strong body!

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