My Michelle Bridges 12WBT Journey Week 2

My Michelle Bridges 12WBT Journey Week 2

Posted 2014-04-02 by Ali's Wonderlandfollow
Michelle Bridges 12WBT program offers full support in Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset. Image Source Health Pyramid Shows Fitness Strength And Wellbeing by Stuart Miles

So, we're up to week two and I have managed to get in all six workouts per week, and I'm feeling energised!

I am enjoying trying the different foods on the menu and making conscious healthy snack choices.

It's not easy finding the time to fit in the workouts with 2 kids! In week 1 , I got up at 5am every day to get them done before the day began. This strategy is great, because it also gets my metabolism kick started for the day and means I have no time to suffer from paralysis by analysis, however, it is very tiring; especially after a lack of sleep caused my teething 8 month old. So this week, I'm trying to get them done during the day, whilst my 8 month old sleeps and my 3 year old is at preschool. Just trying to find the right routine, so I know I will be able to stick to it.

Week 2: Wednesday Weigh in Stats

  • Weight lost in 3 weeks (because I started a week early): 3.6kgs
  • Weight lost this week: 1.4kgs

  • How are you going on your health and fitness journey?


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