My Little Best Friend

My Little Best Friend

Posted 2014-01-26 by 00000follow

When I was going through my own battle with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and depression I was given a kitten for my birthday. She instantly became my best friend. She didn't care about what I was going through, not like the people in my life, some who couldn't handle it and walked away.

She stay by my side through it all, and she was a good distraction for me. I had the luxury of still living at home, so I could hide from the world. I hardly left the house for six months. My whole world became all about this kitten.

We all know how cats are, they're jerks. She didn't know what I was going through nor would she care, but with her I was never alone.

Pets in general are better than people, they don't care about what job you have, how much money, who you are or who you were, they just love you unconditionally, and they don't get scared when times get tough. They just quietly sit by your side and that's all they want from you, and food of course.

They're not demanding, they're not loud. They're just happy to leave you with your thoughts and make sure you're never alone.

Now three years later, with a lot of psychiatrist sessions and hard work I'm better, and even though she's no longer a kitten she's still my baby, and my little best friend.


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