My Blossoming Romance with Writing

My Blossoming Romance with Writing

Posted 2014-02-09 by amilafollow

Explaining why I love writing is like trying to explain to a young person why the grass is green, or why stars don’t fall from the sky. There is no concrete answer; I just do.

In some ways, writing is just getting words down on paper. They don’t have to be logical, it doesn’t have to make sense, but it’s my thoughts and feelings. It’s that sense of release and being able to express your thoughts that makes me love writing.

Yet there are so many different forms of writing. While I am not too fond of writing lengthy research papers, I can totally immerse and lose myself into a world that I’ve created, that only I know about.

To really explain why I love writing I first have to start with when I began to fall in love with it. When I was in the sixth grade, I was introduced to the wonderful world of books by my aunt. Her father was a popular author in Sri Lanka and she was able to get new book releases before others and she would often gift them to me.

This played a big role. I love to read and books are essentially just pages filled with writing–elaborate stories that let you escape to other places and times. In other words, books are passages into someone’s inner thoughts. After reading these wonderful masterpieces for so long, I wasn't just content with reading them–I wanted to make my own. Something I’ll always be immensely proud of.

Over time, I started to keep a daily record of important events and have my own diary. I participated in essay writing competitions when I was younger and won a few prizes. I then decided to study a course that would help me with fine-tuning and improving my writing skills and enrolled in Professional Writing and Editing in Victoria University.

Putting this all together, I get some type of reason why I love writing. It’s been an escape, a comfort, a past time, a joy, a friend. I hope that eventually Writing will turn into something professional. I hope to continually learn and better myself with this wonderful passion. Writing will always hold a little piece of my heart and be a big part of my life. It’s what keeps me sane.


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