My Angels Wings Protected Me Part 2

My Angels Wings Protected Me Part 2

Posted 2014-07-24 by angelstarfollow

They did indeed even though I went through all the horrific trauma with that accident I definitely was very blessed to be alive

Without the protection from my angel I would not be here today.

Sure I survived but then what now?. Awful induced coma, pain, nightmares, difficulty walking and talking, night sweats, anger and frustration was everything I was going through then but yet I still made it and survived against all odds.

It was the worst time in my life I had always thought I was indestructible and nothing could hurt or harm me at all, I was so wrong and very naive.

Little did I know that many many years down the track I would finally discover why. The accident and experiences I went through actually made me a stronger, deeper and more compassionate person for the rest of my life.

It taught me that no matter what life does throw at you when you have a belief of a greater power or perhaps your guardian angel by your side you begin to feel connected and assured of the right outcome that will happen for you when you are open to receiving messages and gifts from life itself.

My point I am trying to express to you is you may think you are alone when your life gets hard or when you have really hit rock bottom but I can tell you you are not ever alone. If you just trust and try to be yourself throughout any experience you encounter you will survive and can have the best in life.

Even better when you find yourself going through a tough time in your life try to remember to help some people along the way they may require your helping hand. Even though you may not be able to change someone’s life you can assist them the best way you can.

Isn’t it strange the way people come together in sad situations but yet all togetherness is very powerful and uplifting.

So remember the next time you are faced with a hard challenge in your life know you write your own destiny so why not write it for the best positive result you need to have that good outcome.

Remember to stay strong, lift your head up high and smile at the world. This is what you have to do daily to achieve good results in your life. Good Luck your a champion from now on.


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