My Angel Gave Me Wings Part 1

My Angel Gave Me Wings Part 1

Posted 2014-07-02 by angelstarfollow

How many times throughout your life have you had an unusual experience happen to you.?

Could have been really mystical or just very strange, either way you do not know how you managed to survive or even get through the event.

All my life I have been very blessed with what I believe has been my Guardian Angel looking out for me and keeping me safe from harm’s way. Yes I like some other people have been through a few near death experiences and at one stage in my life I was sure I was meant to be 6ft underground. So although I was protected with my angel’s wings I still hurt physically and went through operations and rigorous rehabilitation several times.

There was a stage when I had four years off work with rehabilitation and learning how to function and adapt to my new body and life but I still survived and just when I had healed physically life threw a huge whammy at me. While healing after all those years it was time for me to go for a check up to see my surgeon and on the way I got hit by a drunk driver on my passenger side.

Go figure why?

What was this happening to me for? Even worse my best friend had hired a car and driven four hours to see me to take me to the doctor, the car suspension was stuffed.

As my friend and I were driving down the road there was a stop sign on the left but a drunk driver kept driving and threw us off the road. The car rolled a few times and bam , we were ok just a bit shaken and I did miss my appointment but the question I asked myself was are you joking?

How could this happen to me right now at this time in my life? My family and friends all wondered the answer too, but I had to remain calm and forge on ahead knowing that someday I will truly understand the reasons why and I will find the answer.

More to follow in part 2

Embrace your life now live it feel it and be grateful.


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