Mummy Sabbatical Really

Mummy Sabbatical Really

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Part 3 – Really!
Why would I have children just to give them to someone else, after all nobody can look after them like I can right!

Well let’s have a quick look at this now.

You’re not giving your kids away for good. It’s a week maybe two, hell even a month out of 12 months of the year. They won’t forget you, trust me, mine haven’t yet. They might just learn some new skills while you’re away like how to get out of bed and make their own breakfast. They may even appreciate what you do more on your return.

Let’s face it, as women we still struggle to take credit for our work, say sorry far too often and try and make most things right for others while putting our needs last most of the time. I know this is a huge generalisation but I still see us raising our kids to walk all over us like we don’t matter. I did this myself in the early days of parenting. I made sure my kid’s needs were always in front of mine regardless and it wasn't helpful for anyone.

What I'm trying to say is that behaving like a martyr as a parent isn't going to make you a better parent or help you raise independent, respectful humans. It just doesn't do anything useful for anyone, it doesn't help your child develop skills, it doesn't get your needs met and it doesn't win you any friends.


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