Motivation and Writing Articles

Motivation and Writing Articles

Posted 2017-04-08 by Mina Keenanfollow

Motivation is a thing that waxes and wanes. It's like a tide, goes in and out. Some days you have 'new' ideas or can get everything done, others not.

If you can think of it as a natural order, and accept it as that, you can probably find ways to work with it.

You might expect that when you are highly motivated you'll get more articles done and dusted on a particular day.

That may be true but what if you worked backwards on that concept?

Example: Writing Articles

When you are:

Highly motivated
  • Sort out schedules.
  • List article ideas.
  • Outlines for those articles.
  • Sources of information for those articles.

  • You are doing all the hard yakka here, making ready for the future.

    Think of it as going to the market, getting your groceries and putting them away.

    This will prepare you for when you are:

  • Prioritise the things in schedules.
  • Article titles.
  • Research your sources of information. Note taking.

  • You are putting things in order here and fleshing out the work.

    Think of it as planning your meal and cooking it.

    This will prepare you for when you are:

    Not motivated
  • Fill in your article outlines.
  • Proofread, spellcheck.
  • Look at images.
  • Go to something that interests you. It may spark more ideas.

  • You are filling in the gaps here, as everything is pretty much sorted.

    Think of it as sitting down to your lovely meal.

    You can apply this concept to other areas of your life as well. It is just about preparation and being ready - doing things while the energy is there, so you can still produce with less effort when it is not.


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