Motivating Yourself By Rewarding Yourself

Motivating Yourself By Rewarding Yourself

Posted 2018-04-18 by Marie Vonowfollow
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If I have to do something I would rather not, I often plan a reward or pleasurable activity to do straight afterwards. It motivates me to get the thing done and gives me something to look forward to. It means when I wake in the morning and think about the day ahead, I have something nice to anticipate, instead of all my focus being on the task/appointment I would like to avoid.

What sorts of appointments do I dread?
Appointments that make me uneasy -
  • dentist. If it is a check up I worry about what might need fixing and how much it will cost. Do I need to explain my uneasiness if I am going to have a filling, especially a large one?
  • doctor, sometimes. Some appointments are fine but others make me edgy.
  • mammogram and other tests of a personal nature. They are uncomfortable and there's that niggling worry that something might be wrong
  • applying for a loan. What if 'they' say no?
  • other official type appointments
  • job interview

  • Most people dread doing an interview Pixabay

    What else don't people like doing?
    I had a quick look on the internet at lists of everyday chores/things people don't like doing. The list includes -
  • cleaning the oven
  • scrubbing things
  • cleaning the filter on the dishwasher
  • cleaning the toilet
  • vacuuming
  • cleaning the fridge
  • phoning companies where there is a long wait before speaking to a human being
  • tax returns
  • getting quotes for repairs to the house

  • Some tasks are really unpleasant and others are just boring, done them so many times before.

    Cleaning tasks can be boring Pixabay

    Ways I reward or treat myself
    When I've done something I didn't want to do I might -
  • visit a friend
  • sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe a piece of cake
  • read a magazine
  • spend time on the internet looking at fashion blogs
  • watch Netflix
  • take some photos
  • go for a walk by the river
  • go to a cafe
  • go op shopping

  • My treat or reward depends what the appointment is or the nature of the task and where I am. I mean, I am not going to a cafe to have a hot coffee or a delicious piece of cheesecake straight after a filling or extraction at the dentist.

    It is nice to have something to look forward to after doing something you dread or dislike doing. You are more likely to be motivated to do it if you have a reward or treat to anticipate.


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