More Than a Dad

More Than a Dad

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s always a good time to show our fathers how much we appreciate them as our dad. We buy them a gift – maybe tools, music, alcohol or a new wallet – all great presents, and most dads would be happy to receive them.

But how well do we really know these men? How much do we know about their childhood or teenage years, their working lives, the hopes and dreams they had for their futures?

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These men are not just dads – they had a whole life before we ever came along.

How about on this Father’s Day we give our Dad a different kind of gift? How about we just spend the day with him doing what he would like to do? I think we would find that most dads would appreciate being asked. I’m sure that giving him the chance to choose how to spend the day would be a pretty terrific gift – and while we’re about it – let’s get to know him a bit better, take the opportunity to have a real conversation, and learn about who our fathers really are.

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It can be easy to forget that there are other facets to people aside from the one we see here and now. Everyone has a story, everyone has had experiences in their past that have shaped the person they are today.

Some parents are reluctant to talk to their children about their past life – either because they don’t want to appear vulnerable in front of their kids or because they don’t think they’d really be interested. We have to let them know that we really are genuinely interested.

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So how about this year we forego the tools and wallets (unless that’s what Dad specifically asks for) and instead take him somewhere he’s always wanted to go. If he likes fishing – go fishing. If he likes museums, go there. If he likes a game of pool at the pub – do that, and take the opportunity to talk, and learn about the man who eventually became your Dad.


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