Money Spirituality

Money Spirituality

Posted 2014-06-04 by Selina Shaplandfollow
Nurture your Money and your Spirituality, and watch an Alchemical Change happen in your life.

Money seems to have a spirituality all of it's very own.

What I mean by that, is that I see money as a teaching tool that we use to help ourselves evolve.

Think about it.

Money is something we touch and think about thousands of times every single day. What better teaching tool could we have?

We handle those little numbers in the form of notes and coins, credit cards, debit cards, and in our bank accounts every day in one way or another.

Some of us save; some of us spend, and a number of us worry about making ends meet on what we do receive. It all has a lesson and logical reason that is often hidden from view.

Some people may even appear to have a massive hole in their money bucket that leaks out every hard earned cent, leaving them with more month at the end of their money, than money at the end of their month.

When we spend money, it is often to gain an experience. Money is energy, and each of us has a deep personal relationship with this form of alchemical exchange.

Money has taught me about what I value most in life, and how I like to spend my life energy. It has taught me, through the servitude of debt repayments, how I once thought I did not deserve to receive and keep the money that has flowed through my life.

The best thing about money is that we can bring more into our lives through unpacking our habits, our subconscious beliefs, and by reviewing the current results we have against where and what we would most like to be, do and have.

In my experience, money does love company. If I appreciate money and care for it, and nurture it as though it is a tender seed that I have planted in fertile soil; this money grows. It is like a budding plant reaching for the sunshine - my tender care.

If I treat my money like an endless commodity, my money runs out and I am left wondering what I did wrong. It's as though money decides it is no longer appreciated, so it picks up it's skirts and goes looking for a new home where care and attention will give it fertile soil to lay down roots.

This is such a complex topic, as we all have a different life experience in relation to money and what it means to us.

Money gravitates to those people who value it and respect it, but I think it also does this because those who let it slip through their fingers may still be learning lessons such as:

  • The lesson of having gratitude for what we have now.

  • The lesson of spending and saving within a boundary.

  • The lesson of knowing that we are valuable and worthy regardless of the size of our bank accounts.

  • I think money has a spiritual lesson to play in our lives, and that role is profound. We're not always consciously aware of the hidden lessons.

    Money represents life energy and how we use it. It shows us a great deal about our values, motives and self-awareness.

    It is not wrong to have money. It is wonderful. We need it. It is our way of giving and receiving in life. It is a truly spiritual gift to have money.

    Know yourself: be aware of your agendas and motives that drive your actions, whether you spend or save, it is all a lesson.

    I urge you to love money, to keep it and use it in as many wise and loving ways that you can think of. This includes self-care, as you are important too.

    Too many spiritually minded people seem to believe the misnomer that you can't be spiritual and have money too.

    That's a false belief that creates powerlessness and victimhood. Stand up and be counted. Think of all the profound things you could do to make this world a better place if you allowed money to be a part of your daily spiritual existence.

    It is an act of self-love to give to those in need, but is also an act of self-love to give to yourself.

    It is an act of self-betrayal to continue to allow money to slip through your fingers to appear spiritual.

    Money provides us with a way of learning about ourselves, as well as our relationship with personal power and self-esteem.

    On this, be spiritual in your acts and in your heart, but also be open to the abundance of life that flows through and around you at all times. You are allowed to keep a part of all you earn. It is your Divine right.


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