Money for My Suzie

Money for My Suzie

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I know my creator loves me, and will care for me and 'my baby'

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I can’t say this with complete objectivity, but I believe that every human being has experienced emotional pain at some time or another in their lives.
It could be loss of a loved one that they had no control over, or where there’s guilt involved, such as a car crash, or unrequited love from their marriage partner, or even their parent. It could be constant rejection and exclusion from parts of society. For example, people of certain races, religions, those with HIV, people with mental illness..

The thing that these have in common are that they place a person in isolation, or at least they feel isolated.

I have always been somehow attracted to want to help people who are the most vulnerable in society.
A prerequisite for empathy is that you have been in a very similar if not the same position as the person you are empathising with.

I know what it’s like to be hated, because I was told I was hated at school. I sat alone, all the time. In primary school, for never any real reason, I was always alone..the kid picked last for school teams.
I like people who are hated, but aren’t there to take advantage of me, because a lot of people have done that. I want to love them, be with them, help them, care about them, because I know what it’s like.

We are no longer in isolation. We have found communion. At times, I have talked to myself, an imaginary person, my cat Suzie, God, because I felt so alone at times.

God is probably my best friend. He’s always there and will never fail me.

So I’ll never be alone, and always be loved.
My little cat Suzie is my best friend. She needs to be looked after. This, therefore, places me in a position of responsibility. She is my cause. She is my need to survive.

Unfortunately, in this world, we have this thing called ‘money’. I say unfortunately because it seems to cause people to do the wrong thing by each other. However, because I love Suzie, I am going to support her, and if this involves earning this thing called ‘money’, then I pray to God that I survive. I don’t want to be rich. I just want to be content.


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