Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Posted 2014-01-07 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Imagine life without mirrors, reflections, photos and film? We just have to rely on what others tell us about our face and hair. It's quite difficult to imagine isn't it? I guess that's because it is just in our nature to want to know what we look like. It contributes to our identity, doesn't it? But this makes me wonder what someone who was born blind would think of themselves?

Apparently evidence of the first mirrors date back to 2000BC. They were made of polished stone or metals such as obsidian and bronze, and these were found in completely different countries such as China, South America, Turkey and Egypt. So, it wasn't just one culture of people looking to see themselves. Everyone craves a glance at their own reflection, and this has most likely been the case since the beginning of time here on Earth.

The mirror is a wonderful invention indeed, but it has also become quite a problem for some. How we see ourselves in the mirror can affect the way we feel overall.

If only when we glance at our own reflections, we look on with love just as we do when we see our family and friends. Perhaps that is the way to fix our critical perceptions of ourselves. Look in the mirror and see ourselves as our dearest friend. The one you know best and love the most.

This could take practice though, of course. But I guess if each day we tried at least once to look in the mirror and not analyze, and just see the person staring back as the person you know inwards too, and all that they do. See yourself as a whole just as you do your loved ones. Perhaps one day the mirror will show you what you really need to see rather than what you want, or what you think you lack.

Your reflection will change over the years, but you are still the same person as you were ten years before. Perhaps somewhat wiser than before, but still you.

How we see ourselves and feel about who we are is so important. I just don't think a silly thing such as our reflection should change that.


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