Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Posted 2014-02-01 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of papaija2008 Mercury Retrograde causes some communication fireworks. Brace yourself and hang on tight.

Uh oh, when communications planet mercury is in retrograde - it is going backwards. Brace yourself for these astrological interventions. In some calendar years, Mercury Retrograde comes around four times a year; yet in 2014 - Mercury Retrograde will be in our lives in three separate cycles. In my opinion, that is three cycles too many.

The effects of Mercury Retrograde are as follows:

Communication misunderstandings will definitely occur.

What people say to you verbally and/or in an e-mail to name needs to be double checked. What people say and what they mean in this period may conflict in the majority of cases. For example, there was a time I was running one of my chocolate tours in November last year; I clearly explained that I needed the tastings at 10am, and the chocolatier in question misinterpreted this as 11:45am. Wow.

Transport delays

Mercury retrograding is responsible for flight delays, and delays with the postal service. This makes sense as mercury is all about communications. Train and bus services in major cities can also go a little haywire after mercury's influence. Be prepared. Ensure you have ample refreshments and reading materials, especially when you're flying out to another city and get stuck at that airport terminal for longer than expected. For example, there was a flight from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney in February last year (when mercury was retrograding) while I was on holidays, and the flight was delayed by four and a half hours. Thankfully it wasn't my airline, although there were delays with my flights too.

Avoid big ticket items

If you're in the market to buy a house, or even a new iPhone - wait. Wait until Mercury Retrograde has finished for two reasons. Firstly, things can go awry if the fine print (yes, contracts) on such big ticket items are not intimately checked, and secondly (in most cases) that big ticket item will go on sale immediately after Mercury Retrograde.

Computer glitches

Computer systems and technology can go haywire. Computer systems are likely to crash, or information/data can go astray.

Feeling out of sorts

It is definitely not you. You may not be feeling overly productive. You may feel like you're procrastinating or out of sync with the world. We have mercury going crazy to thank for this.

On this, these are the dates you must put in your diary. When Mercury Retrograde is happening in 2014:

  • February 6 - February 28
  • June 7 - July 1
  • October 4 - October 25

  • What to do during a Mercury Retrograde:

    1. Do not put your life on hold all because of a silly astrological intervention. Still work, and still provide a service. Bear in mind things could be a little more difficult with work/business due to communication glitches. If you still need to work, still work - yet minimise your hours if you can.

    For example, I will be running one less chocolate tour in February 2014. Instead, I am taking some time out to travel and spend this valuable time with my family. If you are providing a service, and despite a strong cancellation policy in place; cancellations for services are highly likely to occur during a Mercury Retrograde.

    For example, I know someone who stopped running seminars during a Mercury Retrograde period. There were stages where people kept cancelling from his seminars, and now he knows why.

    2. Travel. Although flight delays will be more common, it is still a good idea to get away and go on a holiday. The Mercury Retrograde period is a perfect time to go on holidays.

    3. Check all fine print carefully. If you have to sign an important legal document during this time; ensure you read the fine print carefully.

    4. Backup any files/computer systems.

    5. Engage in any activity with the "re" prefix. For example:

  • A big one - rest.
  • Review
  • Refresh
  • Revitalise
  • Renew
  • Rejuvenate
  • Re-consider. Avoid starting new projects and making big business and life decisions, from starting a new job to getting married; and even to adopting a pet.

  • You get the idea. A great idea to update your profiles if you run at least one blog. A great time to also update your resume, and de-clutter your personal space. A great time for love, and to just slow down. It will pass.


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