Maintaining The Fit For Life Eating Plan in Winter

Maintaining The Fit For Life Eating Plan in Winter

Posted 2014-04-27 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Darn you cold weather my hearty wintery breakfast won over the fresh fruit I love eating in the mornings before noon under the Fit For Life eating plan.

Reading Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond can literally change your life. In Australia (as at the time of writing this) it is autumn, and already the winter coats, jackets and boots are starting to come out of one's wardrobe. Right now, it is freezing cold and wet in Sydney, and with colder weather, the need for heartier meals comes to the fore.

There is a book on dieting called Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, of which is divided into two parts. The first part is written by Harvey, who apparently has obtained his Doctorate in nutrition or natural hygiene, the whole premise of eating certain foods at certain times of the day; and the second part comprises of some delicious Fit For Life recipes by his wife (now ex-wife) Marilyn.

Reading this book at first, it is pretty hard core. My quest was to clear my skin, of which is prone to breakouts on my face. My GP suggested sticking to a gluten and dairy free diet, and although I adopted this diet religiously, I was cranky and felt deprived. Thankfully I am friends with one of my business consulting clients, and we share a few personal matters with each other; although in staying professional, we predominantly talk business. I shared my predicament with him, as I can trust him, and as a result he gave a me a copy of this book to read. I could not put it down, and I read and re-read everything as I was so impressed and intrigued with how simple it is to combine foods, and knowing the regular cycle of digestion and assimilation of your body.

It was refreshing to purport that Harvey opens the rationale behind the Fit For Life eating plan saying that "Diets don't work."

The Fit For Life eating plan is simple, and I started it in summer - only a couple of months ago. You're advised to only eat fresh fruit until midday on a daily basis. Why? You're in the elimination cycle, where your body is eliminating toxins. Fruit digests quickly, and therefore cleans out your body - nowhere near as invasive as a colonic hydrotherapy treatment in achieving similar results. Harvey also mentions that fruit contains the sugar (fructose) your body needs, and is a water rich as opposed to a concentrated food that takes longer to digest.

I still eat fruit first thing in the morning; except I have recently found that in cold, wet weather (especially when outdoors) cravings for bacon and eggs rolls and the like kicks in. Guilt ensured when a McDonald's Angus and Egg breakfast burger won my heart on a cold, wet Sunday morning. I ate it, and it did not satisfy me. Sorry maccas. Thankfully karma paid dividends followed by one hour of yoga. In saying this, since following this eating plan, I've noticed my skin has completely cleared up, and as a bonus I've lost even more weight - to the point where people comment at "how skinny you are" despite working with food as well as in personal development. My energy levels are super high too, except in cold, wet weather.

Harvey also mentions that your foods (after midday) must be properly combined. With that breakfast burger, that rule has also gone out the window - ouch the double whammy. Those hearty meals you crave in winter, as well as that hot chocolate are definitely poorly combined foods, according to this eating plan. When I started this program, I enjoyed eating salads for lunch with a touch of protein, as per Harvey's rules. Now in cold, wet, wintery conditions - salad just doesn't cut it, whether I am out or in the office. Darn. This is a great eating plan, yet the unconscious mind needs to take this new eating plan for clear skin and vitality on in winter for the first time ever. I have a hard task ahead. It doesn't help when partnership woes ensure simultaneously, yet everything else in life is going pretty great considering. Not good so far, and yes the breakouts have come back, although (thankfully) they're minor but still unpleasant and unwelcoming to my skin and face.

Soup is great, but ever so boring to eat every day. It is okay to skip this eating plan occasionally and have that breakfast burger, yet when you revert to only eating fruit before midday, you really don't want to turn back. This cold weather is causing some chemical in the brain to crave the greasy, hearty stuff that should not be consumed in the elimination period, as these foods take hours to digest. An apple only takes 30 minutes to digest when eaten on an empty stomach for instance.

Would love to hear from any one of you wonderful readers who has been on this eating plan in cold weather, and how did you go with it? Thanking you in advance.

Of course, the results and benefits of this eating plan will not shake the winter blues without some solid exercise on a daily basis. Yes, and thankfully yoga counts. Who knows whether or not that accidental slip of McDonald's for breakfast was my blessing in disguise when engaging in one hour of straight grounding yoga afterwards. This article definitely raises some food for thought. Ah, those winter blues, go away and don't come back another day.


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