Love Is Really Spelled Time

Love Is Really Spelled Time

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The full quote from religious leader, Dieter F Uchtdorf is, 'In family relationships, love is really spelled t-i-m-e'. However, I think the shortened version which I chose as the title is pretty accurate. Whether we are talking about love within family relationships, for a significant other, a friend or even our pets, we need to spend time together to strengthen the bonds of love.

Not only do we need to spend time together but we need to give our undivided attention. If we are talking we need to be concentrating, not playing with a mobile, reading the paper, watching the TV or doing something online. Unless the activity is part of the conversation and we are sharing it.

Life can be one big rush these days and many could come under the category of NETTEL (Not Enough Time To Enjoy Life). One of the characteristics of belonging to this group is not spending much time with those you love.

What are the benefits of spending time with the family?
  • Being together as a family builds strong bonds. It is then easier for children to confide in their parents when they have a problem or are looking for advice. When children grow up, the parents can turn to them for advice too.
  • There are many skills that can be learnt by spending time with family. Not only can children learn from their parents but it works the other way too. Seeing things through the eyes of a child can be enlightening or just plain fun. Kids can often help out with the latest technology too.
  • Good memories are built from time together. Adults who look back at good memories of childhood are more likely to have good relationships with their own children.
  • Spending time together boosts self-esteem in children
  • Research shows those who spend more time with their family are less prone to smoking, alcohol abuse and illegal drug usage.

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    What are the benefits of spending time with a significant other?
  • People need to feel appreciated and spending time together increases the feeling of not being taken for granted
  • The two get to know each other better. They find out what is happening during the time apart. There is time to talk about deeper thoughts rather than just the major decisions.
  • It's easier to find solutions to problems before they become too big.
  • There is time to have fun.
  • Shared outings and experiences strengthen the bond and make for great memories in later years.

  • What are the benefits of spending time with friends?
    A friend came around this morning and over a cuppa we covered many topics.

    During our conversation we talked about selling things on Gumtree, the price of a TV, how vibrant a couple of older people we had encountered are, food choices, furniture, travel and several other topics.

    Time with friends:
  • Strengthens your bond so you have someone to turn to when the going gets rough
  • Expands your knowledge
  • Exposes you to different experiences and opinions
  • Allows you to ask questions in a comfortable environment
  • Boosts your self-esteem

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    What are the benefits of spending time with pets?
    Spending time with pets is good for both the humans involved and the pets.

    Benefits include:
  • Stroking your cat or dog is relaxing for both human and pet.
  • Playing with a pet releases tension and may make you laugh.
  • Walking your dog is good for both parties. A few people walk their cat on a lead and I expect this has similar results. It would certainly be a conversation starter and a way to get to know people in your neighbourhood.
  • Talking to your pet helps you sort out your thoughts and is a way of relieving stress.
  • Your pet is less likely to get bored and start negative behaviours if you spend time together.

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    Spending time with those you love has numerous health benefits and strengthens the bond of love. We all need to love and feel loved but it requires an input of time.


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