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Laughter is the elixir of life, the sound of the soul dancing, the contagious condition that which everyone wishes to catch. Laughter, the temporary state of insanity that enables you to remain sane.

I love to laugh, just as everyone does, but it wasn't until just recently that I realised I hadn't had a good belly laugh in quite some time. You know, the type of laugh that can't be stopped. The one where your entire body is taken over, you lose control and feel as though you could laugh like this forever. And once you do stop, it's as if you have exercised muscles in your stomach you did not know existed. That kind of laugh. And I was so grateful for it once it had arrived. My daughter, however looked at me with an expression suggesting that she was probably a bit shocked. Mum doesn't normally laugh like that!

Do you want to know what made me laugh so hard? My 8 yr old and I were watching funny cat clips on Youtube. Nothing makes me laugh more than a cat or kitten doing something silly. It works for me every time.

Laughter had become such a foreign thing to me up until this point. I used to laugh all the time. And I consider myself quite a humorous person, so there is fun and laughter in my day almost every day. But what I hadn't realised until this moment was that I had been busy making other people laugh, and no one was able to get a giggle out of me.

I think we need to see the funny side of things more often, and seek that which tickles the soul. Lose control. Throw our heads back in a fit of laughter that will bring tears to our eyes.

I've realised just how important laughter is. And just as the very funny Charlie Chaplin once said, a day without laughter is a day wasted.

So laugh often. Laugh out loud, giggle and snort. Laughter is the best medicine after all, and it can't be bottled, sold or bought. Laughter is free! And I suggest that you take it regularly.


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