Living Like Everyday is a Miracle

Living Like Everyday is a Miracle

Posted 2014-01-31 by Rachael Millsomfollow

I woke up this morning so thankful. Thankful for being alive, for the loved ones in my life, for the experiences I have with them and for my healthy and able body.

I have a friend who is very unwell with cancer at the moment. Each time I see her I am struck both by the fragility of life as well as its resilience and courage.

The flowers live as though life is a miracle

Nature also demonstrates this fragility and resilience. A small flower growing in a crack in the pavement does its best with limited resources. It takes advantage of the shade offered by the crack on a 40 degree day and grows along the line of least resistance. A flower given water and compost may grow to greater heights, but it is still a flower, still doing the best with what it has. Both are beautiful and both do their best without putting the other down or complaining about what they have been given.

My unwell friend lives as though life is a miracle

I am sure my friend wishes to be well and healthy and home with her beautiful family more often. I am sure she has asked the question why me? Yet she can say it is bad (in that’s how it is kind of a way) and still be her thoughtful, generous and courageous self. She can still find fun and appreciate the little things.

My friend is amazing, she lives as though life is a miracle, and every day I pray for a miracle to restore her health.

How you can live as if every day is a miracle

Here are some ideas to practice.

  • Express gratitude for all that you have in your life;
  • Live in the moment more – pay attention to what is going on within you and around you.
  • Practice equanimity – accept things as they are both the good and the bad.
  • Express child like wonder and delight, of how the tree grows so tall, of the musical sounds you here, of how your body and the bodies of other animals work.
  • Fully feel everything, allow yourself to feel sad and scared so that you may fully feel joy and wonder.
  • Look for joy and love – you will often find what you seek;
  • Appreciate and notice the little things (a hand to hold, a cup of tea, that flower growing in the cracks of the pavement)

  • Today I pledge to practice living more as if every day is a miracle – will you?


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