Living a Deliberate Life

Living a Deliberate Life

Posted 2014-06-21 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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While some people go about their daily lives with no planning or forethought, letting things and circumstances just ‘happen’ to them, others deliberately set out to plan and develop their lives. They know with extreme clarity what they want and how they want to live, and consciously go about achieving their goals.

Now we all know that there are circumstances in life that we can’t control and that even the best laid plans can go pear-shaped when we least expect them to, but that does not give us licence to just meander through our existence and not take responsibility for where we’re headed.

I wonder how many people consciously choose their lifestyle and how many unquestioningly follow the lead of their parents or simply ‘fall into’ their life circumstances? How many of us just let life ‘happen’ and go with the flow (and then complain about how unfair it all is?)

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Whether you choose to live as a bohemian backpacking around the globe, work hard to own a lovely house and beautiful things, or work just enough to live simply and enjoy raising your own vegetables and chickens – whatever life you live, you should try to make it one that you have thoughtfully chosen for yourself.

Sometimes it’s a matter of soul-searching or looking at the lives of people we admire that gives us the blueprints to start living a deliberate life, and it’s important when we do choose a path, that we also make a ‘plan B’. This will cushion the impact if something disastrous happens and we need to change tack.

I have to admit that I spent my early years ‘going with the flow’, living a life that pleased my parents. I didn't think about it too much, but when my husband died young and I found myself responsible for raising three little children on my own, I had no choice but to re-think my life and the life I wanted for my children. It wasn't easy but I strove to give them the best foundation I could within the hand I had been dealt.

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Since that time I have always lived deliberately, making the most of my circumstances or creating the circumstances I want for myself, but always with plan ‘B’ tucked away in a safe place…just in case.


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