Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Posted 2014-01-19 by emkatefollow

We all wish we could be forever young and live forever but sadly we can't. The human condition can be psychical and mental we can trick our mind into thinking false perceptions about our lives.

We all we live our lives but do we actually?

Our lives are a chapter in a novella called humanity and our actions are the benefactors in this story but do we protect these support systems? The fact is that we don't.

At a pivotal moment our nervous system are tanked with fear intertwined with anxiety. This stops us being us. We start to write a false ending; to which we distract the pain but there is always more that isn't show. Also it can be a stopping point in our lives to which we give up and swap to the dark abyss from which we can't be saved.

Some of life's greatest lessons come in unexpected packages such as;

- Advice from that unknown support
- Don't be afraid of trying new things
- There's no recipe to success since we're still writing the methods.


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