Live a Life Worthy of your Eulogy

Live a Life Worthy of your Eulogy

Posted 2016-03-27 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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Have you ever wondered what you will be remembered for after you’re gone? I know it’s not the most cheerful topic but it is something worth considering.

I think about it now and then and it really hit home after my mother passed away. Sadly, my mother lived a very small life. She married and began a family at a young age and from then on her life revolved only around her children. She struggled for many years with mental health issues which made our young lives very difficult and my only memories of her are of a troubled, unhappy woman.

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While I believe that children should be a priority in our lives, we need to also create a life for ourselves outside of being parents. My mother had no friends, no hobbies or interests, rarely interacted with others and spent most of her life indoors on the couch. When we became adults and began creating our own lives, my mother lived every day just waiting for us to come and visit.

When she passed away, my siblings and I got together to plan her funeral and the most difficult part of this – believe it or not – was trying to write her eulogy. What do you say about a person who lived such a small life? The only accomplishment we could list was that she had five children. The only interests we could name was that she liked crossword puzzles and watching the football on TV.

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At the risk of sounding harsh, my mother is an example of what I don’t want to be. We don’t have to live large lives but what we do need is to be happy in whatever life we choose. My mother was not happy.

So I have made a point of giving my life meaning and purpose, so that when I’m gone I will have left at least a small imprint on the world. While I have struggled on and off with depression and anxiety myself, I have not let it control my life and have made a point of filling my life with joy, of showing my love for my children and contributing to my community in ways that keep me happy and productive.

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I don’t want a grand funeral service with lots of mourners and a eulogy filled with amazing accomplishments - I’m all for keeping it simple - but it’s nice to think that my family and friends will remember me for more than crossword puzzles.


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