Lipstick Therapy

Lipstick Therapy

Posted 2014-03-27 by Justine lovittfollow
Which shade of lipstick? A creative way to bring pleasure to your day. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Most of my life, I have never bothered at all with things like make-up or dressing up. Dressed in daggy clothes and old clogs was my usual way to go out!!

Only recently, upon encouragement from my neighbour, I have started experimenting with things like wearing a bit of bling. Things like a bracelet with elephants on them, a rainbow coloured ring – my neighbour, who is the sweetest lady in the world, would give them to me when she saw them in op-shops etc. Which brings me to my first point, looking good should never have to be expensive.

At first, I couldn’t be bothered. How could what I wore really influence my mood? However, when I also started doing things like wearing make-up, I actually noticed I really look forward to doing this. Sitting down with my make-up, and taking time to do it really makes me feel so much better. Better than logic would have suggested. This was totally nothing to do with impressing other people. I was doing it for me. Another thing – I don’t have to be going out to spend time looking good. Why not feel great at home too?

And now, I’m a true convert. I absolutely love it. I spend time picking the shade of lipstick I’d like to try, experimenting with different eye shadows. Painting my nails is now relaxing, where I never use to have that in my repertoire before. It is a demonstration of what I have found with many other beneficial activities in my life – that I can never accurately say whether they can help until I actually try it.

Related to this, I am also interested in not just thoughtlessly picking an outfit, but going to op-shops and selecting something that expresses who I am and is fun and creative.

Also, perfumes, I have found, can really change the way I’m feeling. Trying different scents and smelling delicious is really a way that I have at least found to boost my mood and feel good about myself.
Make-up, “bling” and dressing up might not be for every girl. However, if you feel flat for no reason, and you’d like to try a fun way of feeling better, I encourage you to try it!


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