Lifes Gift To Find

Lifes Gift To Find

Posted 2014-04-04 by angelstarfollow

I feel that life’s gift to us is love, life and happiness.

We all want the same result, but the question is how do you get all of them? We all have choices to make in our lives, but it is so important to consider the consequences of our actions.

I strive every day to have a full and enriched life by surrounding myself with positive family and friends. Also by reading lots of self improvement books to gain a better understanding of what I can be, and show the true potential of my power that is absorbed through my soul, veins and inner body.

Ok sure I am a physical body, but I believe I am a spiritual being in my body, and on this earth it is my mission to help others along the way. That is what I am meant to do, be and have in this lifetime.

I fill this mission by my everyday actions and thoughts that impact positively on others.

Love is bliss but quite tough at times. You must always stay strong to your values while enjoying the beauty, as well as the feelings that are offered to you.

That is why I feel that sometimes we can go around in circles, hitting our heads against brick walls, and this behaviour takes us nowhere. If love gets out of control, only you can spin it around in circles the other way...again it comes back to our actions.

Happiness...we all want that, but sometimes have no idea how or where to find it.

Happiness is in you. Only you can find your true happiness. Find something that makes you happy. Then you will have completed your three missions in life: life, love and happiness. Find your own path. Good Luck.


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