Life Lessons from my Grandmother

Life Lessons from my Grandmother

Posted 2014-05-26 by Zenfollow

I wanted my first article to be impressive, I spent many days researching relevant topics and started to write a few, but felt no passion. What I truly wanted to write about was the one person that always inspires me, who I think of in my darkest hour, my Grandmother.

My grandmother is a woman I admire. She was born into a poor family; life was a constant battle from birth to death. Having no opportunity to change her life, she did her best with what she had. Her saddest moment was the death of her only son, my Dad. He was only 42 years old when he died suddenly, he was her world. She outlived her precious son by 20 years. I admire her strength as she took solace in loving his three children.

She taught me to be grateful when life’s basic needs are met, how to be a mother, to care, love and appreciate time with my children. Time invested in them is time well spent.
I now know how to share a conversation rather than dominate it, that when people ask how I am, not to see it as an invitation to burden them with my problems, but to also take time to ask them about their life too. She never did cry her troubles to every passerby despite having grounds to.

She believed we should accept people for who they are. We are all unique and have something special to bring to the table of life. She encouraged education, both formal and informal, to be open minded and embracing. This attitude makes life much easier; there is no need to be right all the time.

I am thankful she had the opportunity to see my children, her great grand children, before she passed away in her sleep at the age of 85. Witnessing her resilience prevented me from developing a victim mentality during my own hardships.


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