Lets Be Practical

Lets Be Practical

Posted 2016-08-09 by Tracie Louisefollow

How many times have your heard others say it.... or probably even said it to yourself... "but we need to be practical". That kind of statement has the potential to be a killer of dreams.

"let's be practical" is often translated to "let's be completely negative".

You might think that it is being realistic, even sensible; to take your dreams and dissect them into what you believe is realistic and possible and what is just wishful thinking. But to me, that is not sensible at all.

They are your dreams for a reason.

And the size and scale of the dream is not the issue.

The issue is your ability to believe that it is possible.

Because it is!

I don't care how big it is. I don't care how unlikely it seems. I especially don't care how "impractical" the rest of the world is going to view your deepest desire. The ONLY thing that matters is how practical, or impractical you believe it to be.

If you believe in a higher power.... a creator. An all knowing, all loving, force for good in the Universe (as I do)... is it "practical" to believe that such a force for good would ever allow you to have an impossible dream. Sure, we all have fanciful things that we entertain from time to time. But I am talking here about the deepest desire of your very soul. That thing that if you left the planet today, your life would have been incomplete without it. Your passion. Your purpose. The thing that if time, and money, and resources were no object, you would do in a heartbeat, and it would change your world and the lives of those around you. That thing!!

That is the thing that you came here to do. And do you really think that God, or whatever you prefer to call it, would have put that desire in your heart and your very soul, if it were "impractical" to achieve. Now whose being unrealistic?

I never said it was going to be easy.... although it can be. It can be just as easy or as hard as you choose to make it.

I never said it was going to happen overnight.... although it could. With enough faith it could happen in a heartbeat. But to be honest I haven't mustered up that much faith myself as yet.

But I believe it's possible. I have always believed.

I have also let doubt and fear and the so-called "practicality" of life, prevent me from achieving my goals in an instant. I am sure you have done the same. But it doesn't have to continue that way. Together we can redefine what it means to be practical. We can put our faith in the God-given dreams of our hearts, instead of the fears of our ego's and an outside world.

Someone else's experience is not necessarily going to be your experience. Even your own personal past experiences, do not have to dictate what can and will happen in the future. If there has ever been a person in the history of mankind who has had success in the area of your chosen endeavour... than that is proof positive that it is, in fact, possible. Even if no-one in the entire history of humanity has ever accomplished what you dream to accomplish... that does not mean that it is impossible. Every single thing in the world was impossible before somebody did it. And why shouldn't that somebody be YOU.


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