Lessons Life Punched Taught Me

Lessons Life Punched Taught Me

Posted 2014-03-12 by Artfollow
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People are more important than things. If things are broken, they can be replaced - but not people.

No matter how much it hurts and pains, do the right thing.

Doing what you love needs passion not courage.

Dont take people gossiping about you seriously; they either have no idea who you are or dont care about you.

It's so easy to hurt people. Try to appreciate them. Everyone has something good in them.

Giving back to people should not be in words but in positive actions.

Preaching is easy, but that knowledge has come only by hard learning. Respect every piece of advice given.

People will always forget. Though they forget the good you do for them, the good side is they forget the bad too.

Don't try to forgive someone. Just take a quiet minute in their shoes, you will understand why they did what they did, and the forgiving will automatically happen.

Being a friend isn't just about sharing a drink, but not judging when he/she has done something horrible.

Love is not about your happiness. It is about seeing your loved one happy.

Your guardian angel is your inner voice. No matter what it says or how difficult it is to follow it, listen to it.

Be proud to be emotional. Only very few people in this world think with their heart.

It is so easy to find faults with others, but accepting them as they are is awesome.

Try to find happiness. Happiness will not find you.

It is ok to make mistakes, and it is ok to repeat them too. But remember one day you are going to pay a price for it.

When people talk to you for comfort or empathy, do not talk to them about how successful you are. You are just hurting them more.

Life can never be daunting if you have someone you love next to you.

Close your eyes and enjoy your coffee every morning. It tastes better

Relationships are not an investment for returns. It is a journey of happiness and sorrow.


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