Lesson From Life

Lesson From Life

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As a parent I feel a need to protect my children from all the googies out in the big bad world. The fact that they are all adults doesn't change a thing.

But when my children were told to prepare for their father's imminent passing, there was nothing I could do to stop their pain. I may as well have been on Mars.
How do you prepare for this? Can anything prepare you?

I have mourned the loss of my dad, I have had to support my best friend's young children when she passed suddenly and more recently I farewelled my aunt, who was an integral part of our lives. I have experienced losing people.

But my children have not. Now their father is about to lose his life to the debilitating illness Dementia. They stand at his bedside, united in sorrow, looking to the doctor and hoping for a miracle that will save their dad.
There is nothing that can be done except to make him comfortable, hold his hand and console each other.
The day wears on but nothing changes. No better no worse. A waiting game that has no sign of ending quickly.

Life lessons are sometimes learnt on the go. No preparation can ease the situations we may find ourselves in. We have to rely on sensibility, compassion, faith and the support of those around us.

Some situations will make us grow a little faster than we had hoped with an outcome of maturity that once belonged to our parents.

Life. Live. Learn. Love.


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