Less Fortunate Than You

Less Fortunate Than You

Posted 2014-01-21 by angelstarfollow

What a terrible situation to be in,no home, no money and no loved one’s basically no life in general.

Your probably thinking what does this have to do with me?

Well you can make a massive difference.

You may be feeling down or angry one day, you need to see the real picture. Although you may not be rich or have many luxuries in life, this is still a message for you.

You know that saying the more you give the more you receive this is your chance.

If you have doubts about giving to the less fortunate I would like you to imagine this scenario.

It is a cold winter night 10 degrees, you have no home you are wondering the streets looking for shelter and some warmth. You are hungry, your belly starts to growl, you have sore feet and you are so weak and tired you would just like to fall into a comfy bed. Also you have to be on guard all night uncase you get assaulted.

My question to you is how do you think you would cope?

Heart breaking to think of isn’t it. I know I would not cope very well so I often tell myself although I don’t have many luxuries in life, the simple gift of giving is wonderful.

The salvos do an amazing job and make a huge difference in those people lives and yes we all need to be a part of it.

I quite often clean out my wardrobe and donate to them and buy any raffle tickets to support them. I especially start to feel guilty during the winter month’s knowing that there are people out there on the street, while I am snuggled up in my warm bed.

If I had a magic wand I would wish for no one to be homeless In our world.

The reality is very sad but we all have choices to make that can help us to help others.

This truly opens our eyes to life to see how unfair life is dealt to some people. This should make you feel so blessed to even have an understanding of compassion and gratefulness, we are very fortunate.

Take some time out of your week to assist the less fortunate anyway you can, big or small. You are the one who can make that difference happen.

Go for it, give a little, feel great.


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