Laid Back Christmas

Laid Back Christmas

Posted 2013-12-20 by Mina Keenanfollow

We're having a laid back Christmas. We decided not to be the perfect marketer's dream. We decided not to play the hype game.

I do admit the first time we did it, it felt weird - but it's been done for a few years now and something we will continue.

Everyone gets a token gift. So nothing huge. The grandkids get an envelope with money to do their proper Christmas shop during the New Year sales.

On the day there is no jealousy over who got the biggest this and that.

In our family, during the year - if we see something we think/know someone will like - we get it then. And give it then. We don't wait for birthdays or Christmas.

It is a relief for my kids - they have been stressing over what to get for their spouse's families. None of that on this side.

In the lead up to Christmas we have had our fill of the more expensive summer fruits - strawberries, cherries and other things you associate with Christmas. Here the prices skyrocket for everything in the couple of weeks leading up. They'll be cheaper again after Boxing Day.

During the year we have pork and chicken and ham when we want it.

Plain ol' barbie for us this year, and beer in the fridge for the boys. There will be plenty for whoever turns up.

We don't worry that we have overspent, and will not worry when the bills come around again.

This makes for us a very Merry Christmas.

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