Know it Alls

Know it Alls

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You are a Know it All

When your kids are small you know everything. They look up to you. You can fix all the ills in the world. That's because their world is small as they are - consisting of the following main areas:

  • What there is to eat.
  • Toys.
  • Play.
  • Where's your lollies?

  • They are

    When they're teens they know everything. They look down on you (mainly because they're taller). The world is their oyster. The world has grown for them - main areas:

  • What there is to eat.
  • Opposite gender.
  • Can I use your car?

  • Most kids go through a phase where 'You just don't understand' and everything is your fault.

    I suppose its different for everyone, but on average each of my kids didn't really 'speak' to me for approximately a three year period.

    All Just Don't Know it All

    When you are at that friend stage - you all realise you don't know much at all.

    But you don't have to know everything. You only need enough to get you by. As circumstances change you need to unlearn some stuff, relearn old stuff and continue to learn new stuff.

    You come to know what stuff you need to learn.

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