Keeping Stuff Because You Might Use It One Day

Keeping Stuff Because You Might Use It One Day

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Most of us have held onto things because wethink we might need them one day. Perhaps someone gave us the things when they decluttered or downsized. Or it could be we saw the items on sale and thought we might use them one day. The result can be a house with lots of clutter that we might never need and never use.

Reasons for holding onto these things
Our reasons could include -
  • It's useful to have an extra in case I can't find the original one.
  • The one I have might get broken or wear out.
  • I might take up a hobby one day and use it then or I might go back to doing that hobby I did ten years ago.
  • I'll keep it in case someone I know ever needs one.
  • The kids might need one when they move out of home. (Never mind that your kids are still at primary school.)

  • Ways to deal with the problem of losing the original one
    Yes, sometimes it is useful to have extras. Things like scissors, torches and pens seem to grow legs and wander off from the place they are supposed to be. This is especially the case if more than one person lives in the house. With this type of item, having several could be sensible.

    I have found it useful to have a drawer where I keep all the odds and ends for house repairs and emergencies. This is where I keep screwdrivers, pliers, masking tape, wide cellotape, blu-tack, hammer, long candles and the like.

    A drawer, container or box for storing other 'like' items can help to keep track of things to deal with the problem of not knowing where the original is. It can be difficult to train others to return things to where they belong but you can try.

    Addressing the 'It might wear out or get broken' argument
    Okay, sometimes this is a logical argument. I was pleased to have culled my extensive collection of stationery items. I had kept just one pencil sharpener, one of those that has a barrel where the shavings are stored.

    I keep it on my desk and always know where it is when I need to sharpen a pencil. I like to jot notes with a lead pencil. It broke the other day so now I will have to buy a new one. However, this is not a big deal as they are readily available and inexpensive.

    Many times things don't break and you never use the one or ones in storage. Sometimes something does break and you can't find the spare or you forget you have an extra and buy a replacement anyway.

    Sometimes you cant find the spare one and have to resort to buying a new one anyway. Pixabay

    The hobby argument
    I have donated hobby materials to support groups and the lifestyles program at an aged care facility as well as to op shops. I have felt a sense of relief to know others can use the materials I never will.

    Be realistic. Will you ever really use the stuff?

    Keeping it for someone else
    Whether you are storing it in case a friend ever needs one or the kids need it when they leave home, think carefully. Is it really worth storing it? Will they actually want it?

    It might come in handy one day
    This covers all sorts of odds and ends like scraps of cardboard, bits of wood, string, broken china (I might do mosaics one day), wire, scraps of fabric, cardboard boxes and so on.

    You might use some of these things, especially if you are into craft in a big way or are a handyperson. Some people can find uses for all sorts of bits and pieces. Again, be realistic about what you keep. Ask yourself if you could obtain the item easily if one day you really did need it.

    It is easy to accumulate so much stuff over the years just because 'I might need it one day.'

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