Just for Today

Just for Today

Posted 2016-02-26 by Justine lovittfollow
Just for today I choose joy. Image courtesy of samchuwan at freedigitalphotos.net

Just for today,
I will decide to live in the present, neither
Rueing the past, nor
Planning tomorrow…

Just for today,
I will accept, what
Life offers, without
Questioning why..

Just for today, I
Won’t analyse, but
Accept simple pleasures
With Gratitude

Just for today, I
Will Smile at
A Stranger, and
Mean it..

Just for today, I
Will Accept Myself,
Flaws and Strengths
Just beautifully human

Just for today
I will notice nature
Beautiful intricacies,
A gift Divine ..

Just for today,
I will be brave and strong
I’ll be courageous
Even when I feel afraid

Just for today,
I will love somebody
Fully, accept them
In their full beauty

Just for today
I strive to be better
Than the Day before
I think I can…

I know I can.


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