Joys Of Writing

Joys Of Writing

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For those of us who are writers (by ‘writer’ I mean anyone who enjoys writing), we probably can relate to feeling the frequent urge to write, the pleasure at having our thoughts and ideas unfold into words, and know how many other benefits expressing ourselves in the written word can have.

We may carry with us strong feelings and thoughts about all kinds of subjects, and through writing we find clarity in the process of expressing ourselves, which can otherwise feel like an uncomfortable sensation to carry. Things begin to make sense when they are written down, and we might not even be aware about how we really think or feel about something until it is written (or typed!).
Writing in this sense can be a useful means to solve or come to terms with personal and practical problems and obstacles.

Writers can often relate to a sense of being in the zone when they express themselves. Time stands still. There is great pleasure in knowing you can take time to find that inner state of calm and joy which occurs when you are not thinking of the past or the future, but where you are, right here, right now as you express yourself.

Writing can be cathartic - We can let go of all sorts of past and present hurts, troubles and difficult situations. Without necessarily having to talk it through with someone else, writers can pour all their emotions and thoughts onto paper, and feel better after this purging.

Writing can be fun as we experiment with different ways of trying to communicate what we desire. The process of writing and rewriting, of reading over our work and editing it, can be enjoyable in itself as we strive for accuracy and fluency.

Writing can be a way to solve problems as ideas present themselves to our consciousness more readily and effectively in the calm state that occurs during self-expression.

Writing can be a way to connect with others. Many writers are shy, and find it hard to orally communicate – by using their forte, the written word, they feel they can connect by being able to say what they really wanted to. One can express themselves as accurately as possible, given the time writing allows one to have.

Writing can be a way to get to know yourself. I feel the need to be authentic as possible when I write. Other forms of communication can be stilted as sometimes I don’t know how I feel until I write. Whereas there is time pressures and some degree of self-censorship orally communicating a message, the time and solitariness that accompany a writer allow for the true self to reveal itself.

We may not get paid a lot, but rejoice! We are fortunate to be able to have found an outlet which so many others may not have discovered, always there for us to self-discover, and express ourselves to others in a form we feel is an authentic and accurate representation of ourselves.


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