Joys Of A Memory Jar

Joys Of A Memory Jar

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Original Image courtesy of Justine Lovitt A Memory Jar can be a way to easily reflect on the most meaningful times in your life

With life often rushing by so that that time seems almost blurred with how fast the days seem to go, it can sometimes seem desirable to hold onto those concrete moments that remind us of those particular moments which are special to us.

One of the ways of doing this is by creating a “Memory Jar”. What is contained in a person’s Memory Jar will be of an individual nature. However, it brings the past “to life”. It reminds us, that in the hum-drum of everyday life, going to work, doing the housework and paying the bills, that life is indeed replete with special moments.

It does not have to be a Memory Jar – it could be a Memory Sock – like one of those large Christmas like decorative socks, or a cardboard box you decorate yourself.

In my Memory Jar, I have cards I have kept from those most special in my life – family and my very closest of friends, I have relics of places I have been. I kept my first (and only!) Valentine’s Day card – for me, something to remember that someone out there saw me as loveable in a romantic way!

I recently joined an Outdoor Adventure Group, which takes members different places each Thursday.

I have lived most of my life in a very non-adventurous way. Therefore, during my trip to Stradbroke Island last Christmas, I felt I was in this magical wonderland, and felt I could spend weeks on end there. The postcard I picked up there will always remind me of my special times there. Similarly, I have kept a postcard from Bribie Island, not having been there since childhood.

My neighbour got my cat Suzie a hanging toy of hearts and stars, which she has slowly pulled apart to non-existence over the past two years. However, that was the point of it – to bring her joy! As Suzie is integral in my life, I have kept that heart for the Memory Jar.

I attended a Fashion Parade and Afternoon Tea – it was a fundraising event to End Women’s Cancer. I kept my ticket that said “Admit One” – as well as raising money, I thoroughly enjoying the show.
I felt that my very first alcoholic drink, Passion Pop was worthy of the Jar, and kept the cork. Anyone who has drank Passion Pop knows that the cork creates an explosive noise as it is expelled from the bottle!

When my cat Suzie, turned 3, I saw it as her twenty-first, and thus deserving off a birthday party to celebrate! There were decorations and cake – the candles were a token for the memory jar.
When she was a kitten, she used to play with lids, slide then between one paw and the other endlessly. Not wanting to forget her growing up, a lid has been placed inside the jar.

Each person’s jar will be different, but as I’ve gone through my jar writing this article, a smile has been brought to my face. It has reminded me that life is full of wonderful meaningful events – sometimes we just have to think outside the box about how we can bring them to life in the form of permanent memories. One day, when I am a grandmother, I hope I can tell them all sorts of stories that will be prompted from my Jar.


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