Its Okay To Be Comfortable in Relationships

Its Okay To Be Comfortable in Relationships

Posted 2014-03-01 by Sarah Psihogiosfollow

Being comfortable isn’t a bad thing when it comes to relationships. To be able to sit next to your partner in silence and watch television without talking isn’t a burden. If anything it shows some silent appreciation. I believe the fact certain couples fuss and get anxious over the fact they have nothing to say, but what is there really to say to someone who knows everything about you? I mean, you can talk about your day; people you saw, and what you did. But forcing in conversation isn’t beneficial.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s understandable to know what you’re getting yourself into when you’re dating someone. Once you know everything; where you’re going, and what you want. What else is there to know? Instead of taking your farts elsewhere, you can do it in front of them, laugh and move on. Going out all the time is overrated. Why not eat take away at home in front of the television? Relationships shouldn’t be dependent on constantly going out, talking twenty-four seven or even forcing in conversation. If you’re serious about a relationship, you’ll appreciate the comfortable life, and the fact that you and that person work so well, you can accept living the rest of your life in their company in peace.


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