Its Easy To Be Angry

Its Easy To Be Angry

Posted 2014-09-01 by lynjofollow

It can come on really quickly, even catching us by surprise. Anger is a response that tells us that something really matters to us. Something we care about is causing a problem for us. Our sense of self or someone close to us has been challenged.

What may or may not be apparent at the time when anger is felt so strongly is that there is often a whole range of strong feelings under the anger which more closely match the issue at hand. It might be that we are feeling rejected, jealous, unheard or belittled. Some of these emotions may be more of a trigger for us than others. This may be due to our previous experiences or lessons we have learned along the way.

Anger can help us to feel a passion that can drive us to do something, to make some changes, to address a wrong. The only problem with this could be that the passion might mean that we are not thinking as clearly as we might normally. If we use this passion to drive us and act in haste we may well make things worse. If we are able to use the passion and work through a process to sort out our feelings, maybe through talking it out or writing it down, we might then be in a better position to deal with it in a more helpful way.

Trying to stop the anger without doing anything else with it can just make it build up. It can simmer away and erupt at unexpected times. It can eat away at us affecting our capacity to get on with life. So finding a way to recognize the anger, understand it, accepting it as a valid yet complex emotion and get underneath it to explore what it really means can be most helpful. When we understand it we can then act more usefully. It might be after that work with ourselves that we can finally thank it for guiding us and then let it go.


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