Its All In Your Head

Its All In Your Head

Posted 2014-01-07 by Asmafollow
Image courtesy of Samuiblue Its all in your mind.

An interesting study mentioned by Dr.Cummins in Psychology Today about how the mere thought of having less than others around us makes us falter in our performance, really had me thinking about how we have managed to condition our minds into thinking the worst about the future.

Most people I meet have the capability of excelling in their field, but they never make it because they are held back by their restricting beliefs and notions. It’s their fears and negative attitude about life and self which actually stunt their growth, be it personally and/or professionally.

Quite a few successful people faced scarcity at some part of their life.

I am going to name a few successful people, of whom if we had met during their worst times would have been labelled as failures by the majority.

• Thomas Edison

• Debbie Fields

• Albert Einstein

• Benjamin Franklin

• Walt Disney

Amongst a host of traits which include hard work and learning from mistakes made by themselves and others; another common trait which they shared was staunch belief, and not letting their unfortunate circumstances hold them back.

They did not give in to self pity. They were optimistic about the future, despite having a difficult present to deal with, and they were persistent in their efforts.

The bottom line is to keep your head high despite obstacles, and not let present or past failures affect your performance. With a sane mind, it is essential to come up with ways to deal with challenges, and therefore you can very well get through hard times. Reap the valuable lessons learned during times of scarcity, in order to propel you towards a life of abundance.

Always remember that “This too shall pass.” No matter how tough life gets for you. Be optimistic and never give up.


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