Is there Any Place Better

Is there Any Place Better

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“It was truly an abomination of nature that one always found the most comfortable spot in the bed five minutes before one had to leave it.” - Mia Ryan, The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown

Is there any place you would rather be when your tired?
Is there any place you would rather be when your sick?
Is there any place you would rather be period?

I love my bed.

My bed is one of my favourite places I like to retreat to.
Either when I'm sick, or tired, or just need to relax for a bit.
It is comfy. Soft. Cuddly. Warm.
And is the perfect place to snuggle into when I want to watch a movie.

I’m sure there are hundreds of you, or even millions of you who feel the same way that I do -
that when you wake up to the sound of your alarm in the morning, all you want to do is to just shut it off and snuggle back into your covers.
That your pillows are multipurpose objects: they can be used to cradle your head when sleeping, or they can be used to drown out intruding sunlight/noise. Or they can be used to throw at the person who has come to wake you up, playfully I might ad.

When I lived at home I had two dogs; I knew my dad didn’t like the dogs to climb over the furniture, and I knew he definitely didn’t like them to go into the bedrooms. But I couldn’t help it. As soon as I heard that my dad had left in the morning for work I would sneak out of my bedroom; double check that he had in fact left, and then I would beckon my dogs to come into my bedroom.

But I would immediately regret it because sharing a queen-size bed with two fully grown Labradors means that I left with very little bed space.
I leant very quickly though that after double checking that my dad had left for work; then I would go back to bed, leaving my door open and get re-snuggled under my covers, and then call for my dogs. They would come running and jump on top of me, on my bedcovers. They would fight each other as to who would get the empty pillow space next to me, while the one who lost got to lay at the bottom of my bed.

Now I'm living out of home and in my own apartment with my boyfriend: my bed is still one of my favourite place to be. And instead of my dogs to cuddle up to in the morning, I have my boyfriend. But as soon as we get our own house we both want a dog; a dog that will be allowed to cuddle up to us in the early hours of the morning. The only thing we can’t agree on is the breed of dog to get.

There must be loads of us out there who all love our beds. Who have a funny story here or there about your bed or something that happened to you whilst you were in bed.
For many parents it may just be something as simple as having their children running into them in the mornings and jumping on the bed.
Or for a kid it could be something as small as sneaking your pet into your room to cuddle up to.

We spend loads of money buying the perfect duvet, pillows, quilt covers, throws etc…
There are specialised shops in which you can purchase all these things.
You can get quilt covers that have your favourite childhood characters or boy bands on them.
And we collect tones of spare sets not only to change our bed, but also to change guests beds and set up a make-shift bed if need be.

Therefore I will ask again:

Is there any place you would rather be when your tired?
Is there any place you would rather be when your sick?
Is there any place you would rather be period?

My bed is my favourite place to be either at the beginning of a bright day, or being the best place to collapse into when I’ve had a very long day.

What’s yours?


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