Intuitive Life Balance

Intuitive Life Balance

Posted 2014-06-12 by Justine lovittfollow whether you can stretch your limits a bit or need to rest a bit is mostly intuitive

People have often quoted the saying “Life is a juggling act” meaning that we simultaneously need to manage several, or sometimes many, different aspects of our lives. For most of us, these aspects of our lives include self-care; some kind of spiritual practice; a job - whether this be paid or volunteer; being a student, or being a parent. Additionally, there’s usually managing relationships - friends, family and professional life, as well as personal goal setting for whatever purpose or values that individual finds important.

To quote the Mars commercial (sorry guys), and I am going to leave the Mars out of it - I do not think a chocolate bar will help you do it, but just a bit of common sense and self-awareness. It’s not rocket science. The above is simply “work, rest and play” in roughly even amounts.

It is important to know we need a healthy balance of all these aspects. Juggling the ‘balls’ so that we do not spend too much time or energy on one thing so that something else suffers.

We need to work for passion, purpose, income, fulfilment, and support our loved ones and ourselves - as well as towards causes we believe are important. We need to rest to recharge, not burn out, make bad decisions or get sick. If this happens, our work is going to suffer. We need to have a roof over our heads and food on the table as the most basic of needs.

The importance of ‘play’ is underestimated. These include self-pampering, relationships, leisure time and me-time. If ‘play’ is neglected, purpose and motivation may drop; resentment and anger may grow; we forget how to relate to people, and our relationships may suffer. This is also important for both physical and mental health. It’s an emotional recharge, just as food and sleep are physical recharges.

I used to intellectualise this, and try to plan things so I used to ‘work, rest and play’ the right amount. However, the very process of self-analysis defeats it.

I think us humans are pretty self-aware and intuitive. We know what we need.

Take that quiet time to listen to your body. It will tell you what you need to know.


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